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Buyer Information

Whether you are a first time buyer or this will be your third home purchase, below is a great deal of helpful information that will keep you informed during the home buying process.
Finding a Good Agent
What I Can do for You
Benefits of a Buyer's Agent
Preparing To Buy a Home
Getting Prepared
First Time Buyers
Renting vs. Owning
Getting Pre-Approved
Finding A Property
Are You Ready To Find A Property?
Using A Property Checklist
Making an Offer
The Basics Of Making An Offer
The Purchase Agreement
What You Need To Know
Finding a Home Loan
What Is A Mortgage?
Common Questions
Loan Application Checklist
What Will Be Included In My Mortgage Payments?
Your Rights As A Consumer
Closing The Deal
The Sale Process
Your Responsibilities
The Loan Process
Closing Costs