Amy Klingensmith
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Yes, I’m an actual full-time real estate agent. And a Mom. 45% one and 55% the other. I'm not saying which is which. Yes, I’d love to actually help you buy or sell a house. Please know if something weird or funny happens while we’re out looking at homes that, I might write about it, but I’ll probably ask you first.

Other important details about me:
  • Co-creator of 2 very self motivated and strong willed girls
  • Married to an Ohio State Fan
  • Fabulous at keeping secrets
  • Not a fan of blood
  • Have a semi British accent when I talk, sometimes, well it happened once
  • Aspiring runner
  • I've been driving a white vehicle of some sort for 10 plus years
  • I have blue eyes
  • I get Hangry when I haven't eaten
  • I LOVE football, American style
  • Somewhat OCD
  • BRAVO TV shows are my secret obsession
  • I can rap
  • I love American History and am sort of an American history nerd
  • The beach, any beach, is my happy place, I have salt in my veins